Friday, December 16, 2016

Blog #10

Abstract: My research question and paper are about how entitlement cause athletes to become perpetrators of sexual assault. My research show that entitlement is a component of narcissism and athletes possess this characterisitic often think that their needs are more important than the needs of others. I found that rape among athletes is strongly correlated with aggressive behavior and entitlement. The second part of my research question is how atheletic departments enhance this rape culture. I found that most athletes often rape more than once when they realize that there will not be any consquences because athletic departments overlook this issues. My paper shows that athletes and entitlement are highly correlated and why it is important to stop this entitlement at all costs. 

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Literary Blog #5

This week I am choosing to use one of my academic sources on entitlement. It is entitled The narcissism epidemic: living in the age of entitlement by Jean Twenge and Keith Campbell.

1) Visual:

2) Citation:

Twenge, Jean M., et al. The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement. New York, Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group, 13 Apr. 2010.

3) Summary: The book itself is about narcissism and how it relates to entitlement but the part that I am focusing on is exclusively on entitlement. The chapter entitled all play and no work focuses on defining entitlement and gives different examples as to how people can possess entitlement.

4) Authors:
Jean Twenge: Author of Generation Me and she has been featured in several newspapers including the New York Times and USA Today.
Keith Campbell: Author of When You Love a Man Who Loves Himself and he has been recognized for his work and research on narcissism.

5) Key Terms:
Narcissism: Having pride and believing truly in yourself.
Entitlement: the pervasive belief that one deserves special treatment, success and more material things.

6) Quotes:
1) "the pervasive belief that one deserves special treatment, success and more material things." (230)
2) "Historically, entitlement meant having a social position or a claim to ownership granted by some legitimate authority." (231)
3) "Entitlement may work for some individuals-sometimes demanding students get their grades changed even when they don't deserve it."(230).

7)Value: This source is important to my paper because it gives me a steady background and foundation as to what entitlement truly is and why people think they can possess it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Blog #9

There are many ideas regarding my topic of sexual assault by athletes. Many people believe that athletes cause a majority of sexual assault and but there are many people who think that athletes are not the main cause of sexual assault. Also they believe that entitlement is not the main cause of sexual assault and it is just a random occurring. There are many ideas that sexual assault is caused by random people in an alley in the dark, but that is not the case.

My counter argument to sexual assault not being caused by entitlement is but the main cause of sexual assault is alcohol. Alcohol is a main cause of sexual assault because either the perpetrator is drunk or the victim is drunk or both. This idea is similar to entitlement because when the perpetrator is drunk it makes them think they can take things. Entitlement and alcohol is related because alcohol impairs people's judgement, so a perpetrator might misinterpret the reading or the answer of the victim to mean something else.  This new outlook not only shows a different cause for sexual assault but how this cause can relate to entitlement. My new source about sexual assault and alcohol shows this information very clearly.
Alcohol-Related Sexual Assault: A Common Problem among College Students

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Blog #8

I have several case examples for my paper but the one that covers my research question and thesis the best is the case of the football players at Baylor University.

A female student athlete was sexually assaulted in 2012 by five Baylor football players and the when the coach of the victim told the athletic director, the athletic director did nothing.

Not only does this tie into my idea of entitlement because the football players felt entitled to another female athlete thinking she would not rat anybody out. It also ties into the my idea that the athletic departments try to hide this crimes from ever happening by saying things like "I thought she did not want to talk about or it was her fault" all because they do not want to jeopardize the careers of these players.

The facts
Statement to Dallas Morning News regarding sexual assault not reported to Judicial Affairs

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Blog #7

My Academic frame is based around the idea of entitlement. Entitlement is important for my paper because it really helps me narrow in on why athletes believe they can sexually assault women without their consent. This idea is more than just athletes feel entitled to women, I have been analyzing into the deeper ideas of entitlement and narcissism. Narcissism is often correlated with entitlement, thus making athletes or just men in general think highly about themselves because they think they can get away with anything. In order to better understand these theories, I am using Jean Twenge's book The Narcissism epidemic, which discusses the ideas of entitlement in a more academic and sophisticated way. With this new found source, I will be better able to center my topic around the idea of entitlement and why it is so important and detrimental to women being sexually assaulted on colleges campuses by athletes.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Blog #6

This graph shows the title nine reports of sexual assaults in a college campus in the years 2009-2014.  This is significant to my paper because I will be addressing title nine and its importance to report this crimes to the title nine office. I will be addressing the lack of address and why coaches and athletic departments attempt to throw sexual violence cases under the rug.

Literary Review #4

I am doing this literary review on the book by Michael Kimmel entitled Guyland:

1) Visual:

2) Citation:

Kimmel, Matt. Guyland the Perilous World Where Boys Become Men. new york new york, Harper Collins, 2008.

3) I am only reading two sections of the book. The first section is about guys and sexual assault and the second section is about status and gang rape.

4) Michael Kimmel is a professor of sociology and a leading scholar in the field of gender studies. He teaches at State University of New York. He also is a lecturer on many college campuses and even has lectured abroad.

5) Key terms:
Peer Pressure: When your friends force you into doing something you dont necessarily want to do. 
Gang Rape: An act of sex by mutiple men at the same time
6) Quotes:
1) "Peer pressure was a factor for 10.9 percent of the men but only .6 percent of the women" (Kimmel 225)
2) "Its a staple of adolescent male lore, but I suspect it was so incomprehensible to me because it was simply impossible to fathom that a bunch of guys could stand in line, with erections, waiting their turn to have sex with a girl who actually wanted to have sex with all of them" (Kimmel 237)
3) Some argue that sexual exploitation is a masculine trait, that men are hardwired from millennia of evolution to try and get over on someone for personal gain" (Kimmel 226) 
7) This source is important to my paper because it addresses and gives examples of the issue with sexual assault with male perpetrators. As well as give insight into the issues with gang rape and how it affects the psyche of many males.